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Introducing BitCare virtual care

Smarter Health.

Better Outcomes.

Introducing COVID Safe Program for Schools

Let's keep Students and Faculty Safe

Easy and effective COVID-19 testing, telemedicine support and reporting for K-12 schools

Virtual Care

When you’re sick and need care, our medical team is here for you. Our licensed practitioners can help get you back on track with a comprehensive, personalized virtual visit. Our end to end coordination of blood tests, X rays, EKG’s, Ultrasounds and Medication Refills will take the hassle and guesswork out of feeling better...all in the comfort of your home!

Pop-up Clinics - COVID-19 Testing

Fort Lauderdale,FL-ComingSoon

Oklahoma – Coming Soon

Tampa, FL – Coming Soon

Atlanta, GA – Coming Soon

Little Rock, AR – Coming Soon

Los Angeles, CA – Coming Soon




Our commitment to Reopen America Safely

Your Wellness Goals - Personalized!

Easy to use at-home DNA & Allergy Tests

We offer multiple tests for Health & Wellness, Mental Health, Drug Response, and Allergy & Intolerance/Sensitivity for you to better understand your body and live an optimal life.

All of our tests are easy to use and can be done simply at home (with free shipping)! Test results can be accessed through our secure platform for free 3-10 business days after we receive it. We offer unlimited customer support through the process!

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