Are you born with Athletic genes?

Are you born with Athletic genes?

Are you born with Athletic genes?

Let’s face it – this world is more competitive than ever before in almost every facet of our lives.  This is certainly no exception for athletes that are competing in sports.  In today’s world, minutes, seconds, even less can be the difference in receiving a medal on a podium on behalf of your entire country, or not even being invited to participate at all.  This is the extreme level of competition that has consumed the world of athletics for both amateur and professional athletes in every sport.  Accordingly, it is now more important than ever before to take a more scientific and strategic approach to sports and to seek out every potential aid that can result in one’s peak athletic performance.  To many athletes, whether professional, amateur, or to even those who treat it as a hobby, often there are goals that are so close but are just out of reach.

It is almost undisputed in the world of athletics that fitness is an integral part of any athlete’s life.  However, one thing that is debated by all is how to optimize one’s fitness in a way that is reasonable, affordable, and legal.  One new method that helps an athlete optimize their fitness and their respective diets is through a Sports DNA testing service.  This state of the art DNA testing service allows athletes to accomplish loftier goals and to reach new pinnacles for themselves by optimizing their fitness routines, providing emphasis on strengths and weaknesses, reducing the overall risk of injury, and provide a customized plan of action to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  The test will provide the user-specific results, such as the particular variation that was tested and the name of the associated genes, and then these results can be used to change one’s lifestyle, diet, and training to produce better physical results.

In terms of ease, this process cannot be any easier to a prospective buyer too!  Any athlete needs only the internet and their own DNA to order a kit that could crucially change their lifestyle regiments for the better.  First, he or she must order a DNA kit which can be found on the website.  Second, upon arrival, the individual need only take a quick swab of his or her cheeks to collect a DNA sample.  It is recommended that the swabbing is done for approximately twenty seconds in order to ensure that the DNA sample is sufficient for testing purposes.  Once the sample is collected on the swab, the individual must send the DNA same to the CLIA/CAP certified lab partner for testing.  While the user is waiting for the test results, he or she can become a member for free on the website via the BitCare Platform, which will allow the user to access his or her customized DNA report once it is available.

There are numerous reasons why athletes that are seeking to better their training and diets would want to take a Sports DNA test.  For instance, athletes can assess their genes and change their style of exercise that will provide optimal use of their time and resources.  Health studies have shown that people have different types of genes that might make he or she more suited for particular types of exercises.  One athlete’s genes may make him or her more suited for a form of high-intensity exercise as opposed to endurance or even speed and power exercises.  Accordingly, having this type of information from a Sports DNA test would prove fruitful to an athlete that truly wants to optimize his or her valuable time during training.  Moreover, even higher-caliber of athletes that struggle with critical plateaus stand to gain a lot too in terms of exercise optimization and better allocation of their time.

Specifically, BitCare DNA Sport test is ideal for identifying and distinguishing sport potential in athletes.  This particular test assesses a plethora of vital components of the individual’s athletic make-up, such as blood flow and respiration, power potential, muscle and bone compositions, the structural integrity of soft tissues, caffeine metabolism, and so much more.  With this type of detailed analysis and comprehensive testing, a personalized training regimen can be created in order to maximize one’s genetic strengths and weaknesses.  Moreover, the individual can select more strategic options when it comes to what types of training he or she requires in order to get to the next physical plateau of the desired sport.  Having a detailed understanding of one’s own personalized genetic make-up can also help avoid the consequence of exhaustion and fatigue.  Without these two symptoms of fitness, athletes can maintain higher levels of energy which would ultimately lead to accomplishing more personal goals and setting higher standards.

Another way that athletes can improve their overall approach to training and sports is through their personal diets.  Every single athlete is different and therefore their nutritional requirements are also different.  However, identifying exactly what each athlete needs in their diet can be quite challenging and may even vary from one healthcare provider to another.  Accordingly, this why having a DNA test can prove to be an excellent form of insight for the aspiring athlete.  DNA Health will be able to identify potential concerns and issues for an individual and counteract those concerns with a customized, healthier plan of action for his or her diet and overall lifestyle.  Specifically, this test analyzes over thirty-six different variations of genes that are vital to biological processes that are scientifically linked to risk and diseases, such as bone health, detoxification, cancer risks, and more.  This test will then, in turn, help the individual by identifying and isolating which nutrients are optimal for the athlete in order to promote better health, mitigated health risks, and overall longevity of the sports career.  Using these DNA tests can even help determine what are the ideal amount and/or percentage of proteins, fats, carbs, or otherwise, that is better for your particular genetic structure.

In summation, athletes are having to constantly train harder and smarter than ever before to be competitive within their respective sports.  For some lucky few, competition and natural ability are the sole factors needed to equal the ultimate success within their sport.  However, most athletes must suffer through trial and error to achieve in their sports incrementally and with a much lower potential.  As each athlete gains more experience and practice, it only makes sense that their methods for exercise also develop over time too.  The utilization of every resource available to an athlete is now a critical component to success.  Athletes of all kinds and degrees can benefit from these DNA testing services and it is a very simple and efficient method to differentiate oneself from his or her competitors.  In addition, it is a great way to help oneself overcome personal goals and obstacles in order to reach new heights as an athlete.

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