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COVID-19 tests, now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of the RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel Lab Test and Rapid IgM-IgG Combined Antibody Test, currently for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, local and state governments, and other organizations.

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COVID-19 RT-PCT and Rapid Tests are not yet available for individual purchase.

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Your Wellness Goals - Personalized!

We offer multiple tests for Health & Wellness, Mental Health, Drug Response, and Allergy & Intolerance/Sensitivity for you to better understand your body and live an optimal life.

All of our tests are easy to use and can be done simply at home (with free shipping)! Test results can be accessed through our secure platform for free 3-10 business days after we receive it. We offer unlimited customer support through the process!

Our response to fight the COVID-19

Below are some of our solutions...

FirstUp app

an app specifically built for the First Reconsiders, Frontline, and essential workers who are helping people while the fight to curve the pandemic. The app will be available on iOS and Android. The app will be integrated with Rapid Test a/or PCR Lab Tests with an option for a healthcare professional to visit the user's home or office to conduct the test. Also, there will be an option to consult a doctor via telemedicine service at no cost.


Web-based telemedicine and teletherapy application. COVID-19 patients or concerned citizens can consult a physician or licensed therapist at no cost in most cases.

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Symptom Checker

AI bot, named Curie, will assist individuals with COVID-19 symptoms. It's integrated with telemedicine where a physician will consult at no cost to the patient. If needed user has an option to get the PCR Lab Test at nearby physician office, or a healthcare professional can perform the test at the patient's home or office at a nominal cost.

Fast Trac

Breathalyzer tools check to see if a person got infected with COVID-19 and any respiratory infections.

Note: patent in process for the devices, which will be helpful for individuals and businesses like airports.

Rapid Detect

Machine Learning / Deep Learning, AI-based application to detect COVID-19 and it's severity through CT Scans, Chest X-rays, and Ultra Sound charts. This application will help clinics and hospitals around the world where there is no test available to detect the presence of COVID-19. It will be an online platform where a doctor can upload the scans, and the application can give the results with minutes. This software will be made available at no charge for a limited time.

Therapeutic Drug

to combat COVID-19, currently the drug analysis and trials, it's in the preliminary testing stage at a national academic research institution.

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