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Exercise DNA Test

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Find out what exercise plan is the best match for your genetic needs! Our Exercise DNA Test Kit looks at your genetic fitness response.

Our personalized Exercise DNA Kit based test that looks at your genetic fitness response and details which exercises respond best to your genetics based on duration and intensity. Exercise is an important part of weight loss - but some individuals require higher exercise intensities and greater time spent exercising to mobilize their fat storage.

It is important to understand the contribution of exercise in your weight management plan. By taking this test, you will equip yourself with the most accurate information based on your body's unique DNA story.

The Exercise DNA kit will provide you with a MET-hour breakdown of activities at light, moderate and high intensity as well as the amount of met hours needed to embark on a successful exercise program.

Interpretation Guide:

Learn more about the Exercise DNA Test

What's inside the Kit:

  • Buccal Swab Vial (sealed silver pouch)
  • Sample collection envelope (with Activation code)
  • Activation Code Sticker (to be placed on the vial)
  • Welcome card
    • 'HOW TO' instructional guide
    • Coupon code for your next purchase
  • Prepaid return envelope

How to Instructions:

NOTE: We currently do not offer this service in New York.

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