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Opioid Risk DNA Test Kit

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For consumers/patients:

This test is the easiest and most effective way to find out if you or a loved one is predisposed to opioid addiction. Not only you can find out if you have a high risk of addiction to certain drugs, but with the help of your doctor and the test results, you can find out which pain medications are/aren’t appropriate.

For healthcare providers:

This test is a unique and innovative way to identify a patient's predisposition for opioid addiction. With this test, you’ll improve patient care, reduce your liability and exceed the standard of care for prescribing opioids.

Genetic Opioid Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy
The Opioid Risk Screening DNA test report is one of a kind. The test is based on a patented DNA test - our Addiction and Behavior DNA test (also, known as Genetic Addiction Risk Score (GARS)) combined with a Pharmacogenetics DNA test to give healthcare providers and their patients a deep insight into the patient’s risk of opioid addiction. It combines multiple diagnostic services to enhance patient care, exceeds current compliance standards, and reduces liability for the healthcare providers.

Overview of Diagnostic Services:
  • Addiction & Behavior testing to evaluate (where applicable( opioid addiction risk stratification for the patient
  • Pharmacogenetics testing to identify medications that will be most suitable for a patient to maximize safety and efficacy based on the patient’s unique genetic results
  • Urine drug analysis to monitor compliance with the program
  • Additional diagnostic services if requested
Extended services – management of the program for the healthcare provider(s): Our team will train an existing employee to be an in-house Patient Advocacy Manager and to oversee the following:
  • Specimen collection and shipping for all diagnostic services
  • Report management and uploading into the EMR
  • Identification of patients to undergo urine drug monitoring at least quarterly (or more frequently if necessary) at healthcare provider’s discretion
  • Customer service for billing questions and guidance
  • Management of inventory for all required testing supplies
Timely drug screening enhances and better guides the opioid prescribing process. Identify your patient's predisposition for opioid addiction and classify them as Low, Moderate, or High risk based on their test score. Patients identified as High or Moderate risk fall under a more intense stratification management protocol to minimize their risk of becoming addicted. Risk stratification uses appropriate treatment management metrics based on the classification of Low, Moderate, or High opioid addiction risk.

For High or Moderate risk patients, Healthcare Providers should consider the following:
  • More frequent doctor visits to the healthcare provider to monitor patient opioid use
  • First-line use of non-opioid medications
  • Reducing medication quantities per prescription
  • Use of abuse-deterrent formulations
  • Use of Buprenorphine
  • Better patient and staff education about risk levels
  • Use of surgery or injections as an alternative treatment
  • Urine screening management frequency for patients at low, moderate and high risk
  • Better post-op pain management to minimize the risk of addiction after surgery
  • Providing a goal timeline for a patient to be off opioids and creating a major sense of accomplishment for those who achieve their goals. The provider can explain to the patient that this is part of the treatment strategy.
  • Improved patient care
  • Reduction in liability for the healthcare practitioner by exceeding the standard of care for prescribing opioids
  • Less scrutiny from State Medical Boards and other governing/regulatory entities
  • Justification with patients for alternative therapies
  • Justification for insurance companies that don’t cover various pain medications
  • Justification for insurance companies that don’t cover injections/interventions
  • Justification for doctors performing procedures as a medical necessity
  • Personalized and holistic treatment approaches for patients

This algorithm of prescribing, counseling and monitoring is to be determined by the healthcare provider.


Healthcare providers will have the option to partner with us to clinically follow the utilization of this pioneering opioid management program to create a white paper that demonstrates extra precautions and enhanced patient care needed for opioid addiction/ risk management and the resulting benefits in battling the opioid addiction crisis. This collectively-authored paper can be used with payors, government bodies, etc., as a proven and well-implemented cutting-edge patient care strategy for opioid prescribing and pain management.


Our team can train the dedicated Patient

Advocacy Manager (PAM). There will need to be a designated area for the PAM to

perform their daily job duties. There will also need to be an identified

restroom facility for patients to have privacy during urine specimen collections.

The PAM will need to be briefly trained to upload reports and determine the

frequency for toxicology testing.

The PAM will need to be solely devoted to this role to ensure quality work and high-level customer service. Once the PAM has been assigned toxicology, and pharmacogenetic testing can begin. Healthcare staff must be trained on the Addiction & Behavior (or GARS) test in order to determine what enhanced prescribing or treatment management is required based upon the test results. Once this has been defined, the process can be implemented immediately.

Testing Turnaround Times:

  • Addiction & Behavior Test: 5 – 7 business days
  • Pharmacogenetics Test: 5 – 7 business days
  • Toxicology Test: 48 – 72 hours

What's inside the Kit:

  • Buccal Swab Vial (sealed silver pouch)
  • Sample collection envelope (with Activation code)
  • Activation Code Sticker (to be placed on the vial)
  • Welcome card
    • 'HOW TO' instructional guide
    • Coupon code for your next purchase
  • Prepaid return envelope
  • Forms for your primary care physician

NOTE: We currently do not offer this service in New York.

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